iPhoneography Essentials Kit ( Macro, Fisheye, Wideangle, CPL)

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Brand Gizmon

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The iPhoneography essential kit consists of  one smart lens clip and 5 lenses (Macro and CPL lenses from Gizmon and Dual Wideangle/ Macro and Fisheye by Xistera).  
The smart lens clip is device agnostic and fits your iPad, iPhone, android phones and even Laptops. This is the only lens clip that has an adaptive stabilizer pad to adjust itself to various surface angles and keeps the front lens horizontal. The lenses are also compatible and easily fits all Gizmon ICA cases.
The lens included in this pack are 
1.  Fisheye lens: Xistera Glass element Fish eye lens are ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion and create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.
2. Circular Polarizer Lens:  The CPL filter from Gizmon is designed to reduce glare and unwanted reflections out of images. Blue skies are bluer, clouds magically stand out, and your beach shots look fantastic. Watch the colours pop out with contrast and saturation. 
3. The Macro lens from Gizmon makes close up photography possible with your iPhone. Take magical closeup shots of your wedding ring, bees on flowers, your eyes etc and add a complete new perspective to your iPhoneography.
4. Dual Wideangle/Macro lens from Xistera is a free back up lens with your above purchase.