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Turtlejack Pentaeye F-Pro

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Brand Turtleback

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Turtleback eye series is for iPhoneographers who need to have multiple lenses ready and on the go. The lens-dial design allows for multiple lenses to be mounted simultaneously. Turtlejacket is not just any iPhone accessory but the ultimate tool for those who take mobile iPhoneography seriously.
The Turtleback Pentaeye is the monster among all iphoneography cases. It boasts optical-quality coated glass lenses: Pro-Series Wide Angle lens, Fisheye Lens 0.28x, Pro-Series Telephoto Lens 1.5x, and a bonus Macro lens all in a slim plastic jacket equipped with two tripod mounts (for portrait or landscape shots). Lenses are accessible by rotating the discCapture sweeping landscapes or warped up cityscapes or capture images within 2 cm of your subject all made possible with the Pentaeye F-Pro
- Lens Dial with 5 x 15mm lens mount
- Fisheye Lens 0.28x
- Pro-Series Wide Lens x7 (TBSW07)
- Pro-Series Tele Lens 1.5x (TBPT15)
- Close up Lens (closest focal length is about 2cm)
- 2 x Tripod Mount
- 3 x Strap Holder
- Plastic Body, Aluminium Dial
Please Note: Counterfeit versions of these are made from poor quality plastic lenses and sold as iPhone lens dial. Some websites do not identify this product with the brand name as they are either selling counterfeit or not wanting you to be able to find the product cheaper elsewhere.