37mm Dual 0.42X Super Fisheye/ Macro Lens for Makayama and iOgrapher Mount

$29.99 AUD

Brand IOSX

The IOSX Studio Series 37mm dual 0.42x Super Fisheye/ 12.5x Macro lens makes a great cost-effective addition to any video or still camera kit including your Makayama and iOgrapher mounts for your iPads. The lens produces strong visual distortion necessary for a creative photographer to capture a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.  The built-in detachable +12.5x macro lens is for extreme close-up shots. 

Multicoated High Definition glass optics which reduces glass flares and ghosting caused by reflections
Fully compatible with Day/Night digital video and camera recording including infrared.
Fully compatible with Makayama mounts for iPad Mini and Air and all iOgrapher Mounts 
Ultra Compact Size in a Titanium Barrel Housing
Built-In macro lens for extreme close-up shooting
Lens Thread Size: 37mm
Front Thread size: 49mm