Xistera tripod mount for iPhone 5/5S with Fisheye Macro & wideangle lens

$19.95 AUD

Brand xizix

Xistera is a Swiss army knife for your iPhone 5/5S combining 8 different functions in a nifty gadget. Its a perfect device for iPhoneographers who don't want to accessorize their iPhone or add magnetic ring stickers for adding lenses. Xistera also comes as an iPhoneography package which consists of set of Fisheye, Wide, & Macro lenses and a 32-LED camera video light that is rechargeable with the cable. The iPhoneography package is sold separately. Xistera lenses are also compatible with the ZoPro iPhoneography case.
The key features of Xistera are
  1. Mounting point for magnetic lenses, (Xistera Plus includes 3 lenses and Xistera Pro includes 3 lenses and flashlight)
  2. Stand for propping the phone up in landscape or portrait orientation,
  3. Ear bud organizer,
  4. Stylus,
  5. Tripod mount,
  6. Key chain attachment,
  7. LED lighting mount
  8. and a bottle opener

XiStera - 8 functions for your iPhone 5 in the palm of your hand. from

Xistera Plus and Pro packs will also include a Basic Tripod: Click here