iPhoneography extension kit (Cross-Screen, Center focus, Mirage)

$149.95 AUD $69.99 AUD

Brand Gizmon

Extend your iPhoneography with the Gizmon extension lens series. with Gizmon 1 Smart lens clip and 3 lenses ( Cross-Screen, Center-focus & Mirage).
Gizmon lens clip is device agnostic and fits your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S4, HTC and even Laptops. This is the only lens clip that has an adaptive stabilizer pad to adjust itself to various surface angles and keeps the front lens horizontal. The lenses are compatible and easily fits all Gizmon ICA models.
The lens included in this pack are
1. The new, ICA Center-focus lens is known for its ability to blur the lines. Once you clip this lens onto your camera, your photos will be lined with a unique blur and distinct focus in the center of the image. Just rotate the lens to change the effects!
2. Want some twinkle to your nightlife? The Cross Screen filter gives any light a glimmering cross-shaped sparkle. Your everyday streetlights, fireworks, head lamps, illuminations, and candles will all stand out with a mystical glow. By rotating this filter, your iPhone movies will turn into a surreal, enchanting dream.
3. Last but not least, our Three Image Mirage Filter splits images into three crazy sections - turning your photos into a whole lot more to love!