Gizmon ICA5 iPhone 5 / 5S / SE case

$29.99 AUD

Brand Gizmon

The ICA5 camera case by Japanese label GIZMON is a refreshing alternative to traditional plastic iPhone cases. In the iPhoneography space Gizmon's ICA is the only case that transforms your iPhone into a retro camera complete with a functional viewfinder, a shutter release button and flash shoe. The iPhone still fits neatly in your pocket. Every iPhone button and connector remains accessible with exceptional attention to detail in every aspect of this case.  The Gizmon ICA5 case comes with a whole range of improvements over its predecessor – the ICA. The ICA5 includes two handy screw adjustments for easier mounting and to prevent accidental disengagements. It also has a new lens hood to prevent unnecessary flash reflections. The case comes equipped with a special sponge to avoid any possible impact to your phone and also sits a bit higher than the iPhone screen to avoid direct contact. The package also comes with a screen protector and a home button sticker to complete the protection. The Gizmon package comes with two mock lenses that attach to the front. While the standard mock lens doubles up as a stand propping your iPhone, the thin mock lens perfectly slips in your pocket. The mock lens also has a central mirror to click the perfect selfie on the isight camera without having to retake. If you see yourself in the central mirror you are good to go! This is a very unique case and must be experienced and is a perfect gift for iPhoneographers, Photography enthusiasts, Vintage/retro aficionados, fashionistas and Gadget lovers who love their iPhone.
Package Contents:
  • GIZMON iCA5 iPhone case
  • Mock-lens (Standard)
  • Mock-lens (Thin)
  • Multi-purpose tripod mount ( This is not a tripod)
  • 2 Rings (for various straps)
  • Travel pouch
  • Screen Protector